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Important D2L Information

D2L Course site availability

D2L Course sites are made active 1 week prior to the start of the semester.

Students: If the first day of class is less than 1 week away and you do not see a D2L course site for your class, your instructor may have made the site inactive to continue work on it. If you are concerned about the availability of the D2L course site, please email your instructor.

Instructors: If you would like to manually (de)activate your D2L course site visit the following help page.
If you don’t have your D2L course sites yet, visit the D2L Course Site Request site to request them.


All University of Arizona and Affiliate users of this application agree to abide by the following policies:

The University of Arizona allows students to access D2L as a convenience for educational purposes such as forming study groups and finding partners for group assignments. Access to D2L and all of the available integrations is intended exclusively for legitimate educational purposes, and may not be used for commercial purposes such as soliciting students to purchases goods and/or services. Moreover, information taken from D2L or any of the integrations may not be disseminated to third parties outside of the University without the express written authorization of the assigned course instructor. Doing so without such authorization may subject offending students to University sanctions, including under the Student Code of Conduct.

Additional Policies


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